Speed up your site by deploying a USA Linux Semi-dedicated Package.

If you realize that your cloud hosting account no longer is an acceptable solution for your web site, but a dedicated server costs too much and too difficult to work with, then you can take advantage of our USA semi–dedicated servers.

A Linux semi-dedicated package is really a unique combination from a cloud website hosting account and a dedicated hosting providing the the best of the two platforms. It gives you the strength of a dedicated server (without the frequent server management duties), through a point & click Hosting Control Panel that is included with all cloud hosting plans in general.

And due to their individuality, our semi–dedicated servers are available only in our USA data center. It actually was the very first data center at which we were able to set up our unique cloud hosting platform plus it offers unparalleled power and cooling solutions. We have also built a custom internal network based upon enterprise–level Juniper routers and switches. This is the way we are able to ensure a 99.9% network uptime with all of our USA Linux Semi-dedicated Packages

One of the key features of our USA semi–dedicated servers is the Mr.Dark Hosting Hosting Control Panel. It is featured free of charge with all semi–dedicated servers and is intended to operate in the cloud. This way, we free your server from having to power up the Control Panel and your web sites simultaneously. You can utilize the whole server potential only for your websites. And also, the Hosting Control Panel is filled with free tools and bonuses , which will optimize your site.

Other US Hosting Services

The USA data center is also the home of several other web hosting services aside from our USA based semi–dedicated servers. We offer cloud hosting packages built around a unique cloud hosting platform. Every USA Cloud Website Hosting package includes a cafe domain name for just $9.99 and limitless disk space & traffic allocations. Additionally, you can pick our USA Linux VPS Packages, which include SSDs offering unbeatable file access speeds. You can go for a USA Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting Packages – the very best web hosting solution if you have a live video streaming web site or a CPU–intensive web application.