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  • Acquiring a brand new SSL certificate is pretty simple. Everything you should carry out is enter the submission form in your Hosting Control Panel. You don’t have to have an account along with a third–party corporation, there’s no need to loose time waiting for weeks for your personal SSL to be all set.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • We have effectively gotten rid of the need for by hand setting up any kind of SSL Services for your personal web sites. If your main domain name is hosted with us, you’ll have your SSL certificate automatically put in and configured for you to work, without having to use any kind of regular adjustments on your end.

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  • Our 24x7 support group is always working, able to assist. In case you have concerns regarding your SSL certificate, or perhaps need help setting it up for your personal web site, we’re here to help you out. What is more, we provide an average reaction time of under 20 mins.

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $19.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00

SSL Services with Mr.Dark Hosting

An SSL certificate will add a very valuable security coating for a website. If you own an e–store and get fees, then an SSL Certificate can be a must–have considering that it can significantly boost the customer’s trust in your web site.

With the help of Mr.Dark Hosting, you can acquire your new SSL Certificate directly from your personal web hosting Control Panel. Of course, if your domain name is hosted in an account with us, we will immediately install the SSL Certificate instead of you. Absolutely no further set–up or hands–on configuration are expected.

Aside from the regular SSL Services, there is also a Wildcard SSL certificate. A Wildcard SSL Certificate could be installed on a variety of hostnames simultaneously. This is extremely valuable if you want to protect a plenty of web sites at the same time.

SSL Services, either ordinary and wildcard, that you can get from Mr.Dark Hosting, include a proper 2048–bit data encryption in addition to a $10 000 USD warranty.You can acquire an SSL certificate with each of our web hosting services – Linux cloud website hosting, VPS, Linux semi-dedicated packages, and dedicated hosting.

Whois Privacy Protection

Guard your own private registrant data

From your Control Panel, you’ll be able to effortlessly shield the WHOIS info associated with your domain name, which, by default, is published on the Internet for everyone to see. All you have to do is request the Whois Privacy Protection feature to be activated for your domain name and then your registrant information, including your name, e–mail and physical address, will be instantaneously substituted with fictitious information.

This given service is available with the majority of the generic and country–code domains offered on our web site.

Whois Privacy Protection

Wildcard Domains

Turn on wildcard domains with just a click

With the Wildcard feature available in the Domain Manager, you’ll be able to make all the hosts that you have under a specific domain load the main page of your site.

This functionality can come into play when you’d like to set up a multisite app on your web site, or if you need a specific subdomain to redirect to the home page of your site.

You’ll be able to add a wildcard domain name with one single click from the Control Panel–integrated Domain Manager interface. You just need to click on the Add Host button located on the right and you will notice the Wildcard option at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Wildcard Domains

All–Inclusive Domain Manager

Revise name servers, create subdomains, etc.

Within the Control Panel you will find a point–and–click domain management tool offering a ton of features for administering many domains at the same time. You will be able to quickly create subdomain names, redirect websites, change the name servers and the WHOIS info associated with a domain name, add custom DNS resource records and much more.

Aside from the standard domain name controls, in the Domain Manager you will also find an option to shield your registration details using the Whois Privacy Protection functionality as well as to protect your e–store’s transactions with common or wildcard SSL certificates.

All–Inclusive Domain Manager

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Promptly register an array of domains

Registering several different domain names one after the other can be a difficult operation. That is the reason why we offer a bulk domain name registration tool integrated into our web hosting Control Panel. It permits you to quickly register many domain names at once.

You’ll be able to activate Whois Privacy Protection, to update your WHOIS data, to choose whether to host the domain in question under your account or not.

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Simple WHOIS Updates

An excellent way to revise your WHOIS info

When an individual or a corporation registers a domain name, they’re asked to present complete and precise WHOIS information. Due to the fact that this information should be kept up to date constantly, it may often need to be modified.

From the Domain Manager, you can effortlessly change the WHOIS info for each of your domains anytime you want. All you have to do is specify the new details and click on the Edit button. The modifications will be instantly reflected online. You can change the WHOIS information for one or multiple domain names at a time.

Simple WHOIS Updates
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